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Industria west started operations

Within the flourishing industrial zone of the 10th of Ramadan, is PIPark’s project of Industria West, over an area of 1.1 million square meters. All infrastructures networks & lift stations building are totally completed; natural gas has been flowed through the internal networks.

The park started the operation and the community management services, in addition to 5 producing factories (L’Oreal, Iskraemco, Swiss pasta, Zomoroda & International company group), the rest of investors are in the process of finalizing the construction & prepare to operate by the end of Year 2015 where the park will be operating on 70% of its full capacity out of the 94% sold out industrial lands.

This project will create close to 10,000 employment opportunities as well as attract around 120 Million Euros in both direct and foreign investments.