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The 10th of Ramadan is the largest industrial zone in Egypt, and is considered to be the highest labour intensive area in the country. It is strategically located only 55 km away from the capital which makes it conductive to labour mobility, in addition to its proximity to the expanding infrastructure base of roads, free-way networks, railways, airports and ports that provide an effective distribution platform.

  • Proximity to large labour pools (Cairo and Belbeis).
  • Proximity to Cairo, the largest city in Africa, a convenient and attractive destination for local and foreign investors as well as for their staff and families.
  • Strategically located within the largest industrial zone in the country, on a 40 million m² area.
  • Proximity to Egypt’s core transportation infrastructure, central to all major Egyptian ports, 29 Km from Cairo airport and connecting the city to the national rail road network is in process.