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We provide industrial business investors with an exemplary business location that optimizes productivity, lowers costs and supports clients' start-up procedures with a one stop shop service. P.I.Parks pioners in creating one of the first Investment Zone in Egypt and the first in the 10th of Ramadan. The Parks' investment zone status offers its investors a bureaucracy free environment within the zone and a government regulatory board that facilitates all the licensing activities.

Immediate start-up advantage

P.I.Parks is currently accommodating several local industrial clients in addition to several other international investors who will be starting up their industries in the coming period. The company is fully ready to respond investors' needs in an array of industrial specializations namely; food processing, engineering and other clean industries, building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, furniture and other related industries.

Our Parks provide the investor with the needed services

Our Parks' management has carefully planned its parks to revolve around the occupiers’ best interests by providing logistical, communal and urban facilities to optimize the operation’s cost and provide the staff with an amicable working environment.

Our Parks act as a facilitator

Our Parks have taken upon themselves the role to act as advisors and facilitators between the investors and municipalities for a speedy start-up of operations. In order to achieve a bureaucracy free environment within the investment zones consequently within the park , a regulatory board is formed for each investment zone including representatives from the zone’s park developer as well as the governmental bodies to issue, supervise and facilitate the licensing activities, forming a one stop shop within the park.

Our Parks host knowledge centres and technology centres

Our Parks host Vocational Training in collaboration with ITC, TEVET and others.

Our Parks host know-how transfer centres

Egyptian Export Promotional Centre and Technology Transfer Service Office.

Our Parks host logistic solutions

Our Parks have allocated around 200,000 square meters for specialized national and international warehouse management companies in addition to the shipping and courier companies hosted in the commercial part of the park.

Our Parks business and leisure benefits

The service area of the parks host business support services and other commercial services like catering, cafes, restaurants, event area, gym, pharmacy, business centres and other outlets.